About Us


Russell Williams LLC is a Manhattan based brokerage and real estate advisory and investment firm.    RW provides specialized real estate investing, consulting, and advisory services for:

  • Residential (apartments, condos, coops, city and suburban homes, luxury and entertainment homes, vacation properties)
  • Commercial (leased space, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, mixed use buildings, office buildings, hotels, resorts & trophy properties)
  • Investment (individual investment and group investment) properties

Capitalizing on the strong demand for New York City real estate and utilizing the latest and most efficient investment, management, and operational methodologies, Russell Williams provides exceptional levels of insight, quality, and service to its clients. 

At Russell Williams:

  • We strive to bring a new concept of real estate business
  • We establish a high quality professionalism and raise an elite team
  • Our focus is to provide the best service for all of the clients
  • Our goal is your complete satisfaction

We are proud to be Highly Regarded for our Cultural Understanding, Integrity, Execution, Quality, Efficiency, & Confidentiality.